A quick google search to uncover the name for the phobia of Santa revealed Santaphobia (go figure!). describes Santaphobia as 'an abnormal, persistent fear of Father Christmas' and goes on to say, 'A good way of avoiding the tears that so often ruin photos of kids with Santa is to back the child onto Father Christmas's knee.' This would also be a way of ensuring your child never trusts you ever again and that the nightmares are YOUR fault.

I don't have a Santaphobia as such. It's more of a dislike for the man. He felt up my Mum while my sister and I sat happily on his lap. Many years later I actually worked as a Santa Photographer. It was my birthday and Santa hugged me. His beard smelled like wet wool and I almost burst in to tears trying to hold back my urge to want to crash tackle and punch him in his big fake belly.

Looking through old Santa photos it has occurred to me that the Santa's all look like axe murderers and sadists. It makes sense. Why the hell else would a man wear a fake beard and loads of padding in Summer while parents 'back' their children onto his lap?

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  1. Several good points there Miss Weeks. As I have already pointed out the Santa with you in blue looks particularly shabby. I think a quick knee to the groin never goes astray in all sorts of different situations.