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Here's an image from a photographer I only recently discovered. Alec Soth has a curious and slightly melancholic view of the world and captures this view through his camera lens by way of a documentary style investigation. With a working practice similar to Stephen Shore and William Eggleston though much more directly interactive with his subjects.

In 2010 Alec traveled to England to complete a photographic commission for the Brighton Photo Biennial. Told at customs that he had no work visa and that he could face up to two years in prison if he was caught with a camera in his hands, Alec had to think outside of the square. He handed over his camera to his seven year old daughter who took on the commission.

This image taken (and in the spirit of sharing) from the self published 2008 book 'The Last Days of W', which documents the social decay and urban crisis evident by the end of President Bush's two terms in office.

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